Community Profiles

The late Dent Baltzell, a prominent Adams County resident and poet, wrote this verse on the rich history and legacy of our beautiful county.


Two rivers in our County here
In different pathways go
To serve the two big waters where
The rivers cease to flow.
The St. Marys and the Wabash
Were paths the natives knew
Til the axe and covered wagon
Opened up the West anew.
Here the settler in his clearing
Raised the corn and wheat and rye
And the door was always open
To the stranger passing by.
The land has all been harnessed
Bounteous crops on fields so fair
And the farmers and the combines
Are busy working there.
Now the churches all have steeples
Where the traveling preacher trod,
Shared his words of Holy Scripture,
Showed the loving ways of God.
So it is and may continue
As the years of time roll on
We will build a good tomorrow
Before our present time is gone.
~~Dent Baltzell